About & Contact

My contact email is myllram.query@gmail.com

Illustration with Animation graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University.

I am an illustrator, animator a maker and so much more. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums and methods, from traditional painting to prototyping with VR technologies. 

My work mainly children’s book orientated, based off fairy tales and fantastical stories. These illustrations tend to be inspired by folktale and nature.

Although my work primarily consists of children’s books illustrations I am also keen on 2D hand drawn animation as well as 3D stop motion. From the making of the puppets and props to the animation and editing. I have recently developed an interest in VR and attended several VR related workshops and events collaborating with interdisciplinary professionals.

Manchester City Art Gallery – May 2017 – Miss Alexandra

Collab Space Zine July 2017 – Stocked in Magma Manchester

Manchester day parade 2017 – worked with Alison Duddle creating a giant bird

Design academy March 2018 – with Design Council

You can email me directly for any queries at myllram.query@gmail.com